Board Of Trustees

So what is the role of a BoT? There have often been common misunderstandings about the role of a BoT amongst schools. Examples; a BoT organises school activities or are an avenue for parents to pursue their own interests or what should be taught in a school. None of these is the purpose for the existence of a BoT.

Educational Achievement For All Students


A BoT’s primary purpose is the educational achievement of all students. Achievement in schools is measured in terms of excellence and equity. Excellence is about teaching practice and support. Equity is about student learning outcomes from teaching practice and support. Make sense?

Unfortunately the biggest issue in schools and one of the most serious issues for overall future wellbeing in our nation is the widening gaps in student achievement between different groups of students. Research indicates that gaps are increasing because a student’s ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender or special needs are unconsciously viewed as a barrier to a student not being able to achieve their educational potential.

In our education system, the gaps are not addressed by giving students equal support. It is about EQUITY where fairness and inclusion lead to all students being given the right support. This is exactly what we do at St Claudine Thevenet.

Excellence And Equity At St Claudine Thevenet

Our Teachers have been externally evaluated as a provider of excellence in teaching that leads to equity in student learning outcomes.

“Learners are achieving excellent educational outcomes. School performance has been sustained over time through well-focused, embedded processes and practices” Education Review Office 2017.

The role of your BoT in St Claudine Thevenet is to ensure that our Teachers and all support staff continue to have our full governance support. Where all BoT actions are underpinned by our commitment to the Gospel values and Catholic Character that form the foundation of our school’s mission.

“Creating a Christ-Centred Learning Community”
Tony Harrington

BOT Presiding member
Tony Harrington (Prop)


Leeanne Neville – staff representative

Sue Jury – Principal

Board members

Jo Fenika
Sarah Ricketts
Ayen Santillan
Atila Va’a
Georgiana Vena-Aiomata
Maria Tali